Sylvia Marina Martinez 
 Human, citizen, friend, survivor, seeker, artist.
I tell people's stories and spread hope with visual images & words. 

Hi there! Welcome to my portfolio. I am a mixed media collage artist & graphic designer from Los Angeles, California. My journey to art as my vocation has been anything but linear, I received my BA in Cultural Anthropology from UC Berkeley and my Masters of Public Health from Columbia University. My career has ranged from doing research in public health and implementing community health programs, project management and grant writing for community youth organizations as well as the arts/music industry, and most recently having my own business as an artisan creating home décor (Mexican Talavera tile serving trays). 
After surviving a life-threatening stroke in 2018, I embarked on an intentional spiritual journey that led me to this current iteration of expression. As a survivor, I make art to heal my own trauma and my hope is that it imbues healing and hope to those needing inspiration and comfort. My art has elements of my personal life and family stories, Chicana/Honduran heritage, as well as my love of my homeland of California and the Southwest. Additionally, I seek to share stories of resilience, hope, and survival while preserving history and educating about the cultural and socio-political history of the American continent.
I have worked with the Smithsonian Institute and the Grammy Awards, Columbia University, and as a consultant for the CDC and DHHS. My home décor designs were featured on and You can find me on my Etsy Store or via the contact page as well as all the social media platforms below.